Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fish Crumb Fry

Hey Guys, here I am again with a fish recipe. This one is from my Granny's household. My Granny's home is a meeting place for everybody. She loves entertaining guests. She used to cook very well but being plagued with all kinds of ailments has pretty much retired from cooking these days. But even now whenever I visit her she makes it a point to instruct the maids to prepare the dishes which I love the most. There was one cheduthy who used to come to help my granny whenever she has guests. That lady makes awesome food. My mom had taken few recipes from her. At that time the word 'Cooking' barely had root in my vocabulary. But even now I very well remember the taste of the food which she cooks. I was thinking of trying one of those dishes. I asked my mom about the recipe and I was surprised myself by hearing how easy and simple it is to make. When you are pressed for time and you have to make lot more dishes to fill your table top this dish is a good bet. Guys and girls, take out your pan and aprons and be ready for a short and rewarding cooking experience.

Recipe Courtesy: Rosy Cheduthy

Method to make:

Fish: 1 KG [ I used Fish Fillet ] 

Grind: 2 pieces ginger, 1/2 handful garlic, 1 Tbs pepper and 1 Tbs khus khus.Add salt and lime juice to make a thick paste. Apply on fish and keep for 2 hours.Then dip in beaten egg, roll in bread crumbs and press on both sides. Deep Fry.


  1. gonna try it.. think it ll be a tasty one

  2. Wow.. This is one of my favourites too. My mom also makes this all the time... After reading this, I'm so tempted to make this soon.

  3. @Geethu: It's very easy to make.Do try it out..
    @Ammu Chechi: This was always one among the favourites at home.

  4. Keep it up..We are all impressed!:-)