Sunday, November 7, 2010

Inspiration to cooking

It's been a while since I am thinking about starting my own food blog. All thanks to my hubby dearest who accepts all the hits and flops from my kitchen and giving me motivation in writing all my experiences about the art of cooking. I was very skeptical about cooking during my college days. I always thought cooking is not my forte.Being the youngest in the family and completely pampered by my dad, I never had to enter the kitchen. My mom, a veteran in cooking and my lovely sisters used to make all the delicacies I like whenever I visit them. My mother was always worried about my lack of interest in cooking. I used to tell her I will learn it all by myself when necessity comes. After marriage, I started experimenting recipes.I soon realised that cooking is an art and found myself interested in baking.

I decided to start my blog with some of my baking Recipes.I am dedicating this blog to my mom who passed on all her culinary skills to me.

Mummy - I would love to try out all your recipes.


  1. Well, will wonders never cease. I cannot believe my little 'I do not know how to make coffee' Sneha - is now writing a food blog. Good on you!. Look forward to sampling your delicacies when you return.

  2. Achacha, well said!!!Even I am surprised myself!!!
    Definitely you have to visit us in Banglore and try out my delicacies once we are back in India...

  3. kudos sneha.. get us more recipes

  4. will definitely post more recipes geethu!!!